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Current warning notice February 02, 2024

As a precautionary measure, we are currently protecting access to online banking with an additional security check to prevent possible access attempts by unauthorized persons. We are temporarily using a picture puzzle (reCAPTCHA) when you log in. This is to ensure that the login originates from you. Please solve it, when you are asked to do so.

Further warning notices

There are repeated fraud cases known through the media in which fraudsters contact customers impersonating bank employees by e-mail and then later by phone.

Important: Stop the conversation or chat immediately if someone asks you for sensitive data ( e. g. TANs). And of course, never hand over your personal access data, cards or readers to strangers.

You can find more detailed information on our site regarding Online Security including the latest information by April 28, 2024.

Our security tips

  • Never enter multiple TANs at the same time.
  • Never disclose confidential data or TANs via email or telephone.
  • Change your Passwords and PINs regulary.
  • Do not save confidential information such as user names, passwords, PINs or TANs on your hard drive.
  • Ideally, do not write down your usernames, PINs and passwords anywhere, and do not share these with anyone either.
  • Do not use shared computers for online banking transactions.
  • Please always enter www.targobank.de in the address line of your internet browser.

You can find additional useful information on the website of the Federal Office for Information Security.

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